Tree Disease Treatment

Tree disease is the primary cause of tree removal in the entire region. That is why it is crucial to have your trees assessed now and then to make sure they are healthy and disease-free.

If you suspect your tree to be infected by an illness but are not sure what to do next, call us, and we will send one of our tree specialists to check on the condition of your tree. Complete Melbourne Tree Service can diagnose different tree diseases and provide the right treatment to help the tree regain its wellness. 

On this service page, we will talk to you about diseases that are common among trees in the city. If you want to learn more, please read on.

Thousand Cankers Disease

The disease known as Thousand Canker Disease most commonly affects black walnut trees. This disease is the result of a fungal infection from a carrier insect. Treat TCD immediately to prevent its spread to other healthy trees in your yard.

One way to prevent the disease from spreading is to avoid transporting wood from one place to another. If you can, use firewood from your local area, and don’t store it near your home. 

Sudden Oak Death

Also known as Ebola for trees, sudden oak death is a highly fatal disease for trees. 

It is contagious and can be very dangerous for trees, hence the name. If left unaddressed, it can kill several trees with its infection

However, keep in mind that lesions and leaking sap are not always clear indicators of a tree suffering from this disease. This is why it requires a professional to diagnose whether a tree is in danger of these deadly diseases.

If your tree is showing signs of Sudden Oak Death disease, don’t wait another day and give us a call. 

What is Anthracnose?

Another prevalent disease among trees and shrubs in the region is Anthracnose. 

It is a disease caused by a fungus that is common among trees. While it can be more fatal than other conditions, it can significantly impact the tree’s health, making it more vulnerable to other illnesses and death. 

A tree infected by anthracnose typically has irregularly shaped blotches on its leaf veins. If you are unsure whether your tree has anthracnose disease or not, call us, and we will evaluate your tree immediately. 

Armillaria Root Rot

Armillaria root rot can kill hundreds of species of trees if left untreated. It is a common disease among trees in the region and is characterized by light-colored mushrooms at the base of a tree. You might have seen it before, but you never realized it was a disease until now. 

This disease is like a parasite that robs the tree of nutrients and moisture. The tree will then be left weak, damaged, and susceptible to other diseases. If not addressed, the tree will face its death. 

If your tree is in this circumstance, please call us right away for urgent assistance. Our tree surgeons are here to help restore the luster of your tree in Melbourne.

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